Cargo Flights are a mystery in the General Aviation! Everyone is familiar with passenger airlines, as many of us have taken a ride or visited an airport terminal & end up spotting one or more airlines once in our lifetime… Moreover, cargo aircrafts are parked far from the passenger terminal making it out of sight from the public.

Hence here in IFC, I would like to provide an opportunity to the virtual pilots of our community to experience a cargo-haul journey, what it feels like; as most of us have took part in the passenger airline events and flown to various destinations across the globe.


@MAFiA & @sanketpandia present you the Cargo Summit, a long-haul Cargo Route
This epic journey will start from the Pearl of the Orient - Hong Kong International Airport 🇭🇰 & end at the City of Gold - Dubai International Airport 🇦🇪!!

Host: @MAFiA & @sanketpandia


About Departure Airport - VHHH

About Arrival Airport - OMDB

SERVER: Expert Sever

TIME: 2020-08-22T19:00:00Z

*time automatically converts into your local time-zone


We are providing you with a wide range of Aircrafts & Liveries to choose from, so that you pick the one that suits you the most! ☺️

Boeing 777-200F GATES
Gate Livery Pilot Callsign Pushback
Cargo Ramp C15 SkyCargo Livery @MAFiA DVA3559 1905Z
Cargo Ramp C16 SkyCargo Livery @SirMarkieMark DVA002 1907Z
Cargo Ramp C17 SkyCargo Livery @CPT_Bambi 1909Z
Cargo Ramp C18 SkyCargo Livery @ng123 DVA500 1911Z
Cargo Ramp C19 SkyCargo Livery @Captain-787 1913Z
Cargo Ramp C20 SkyCargo Livery @Planeviation 1915Z

Gate Livery Pilot Pushback
Cargo Ramp C22 FedEx Livery @GLITCH_GAMES 1917Z
Cargo Ramp C23 FedEx Livery @Kbeemer 1920Z
Cargo Ramp C24 UPS Livery @Bobby_Burg 1923Z
Cargo Ramp C25 UPS Livery @Tate_Wang 1926Z
Cargo Ramp C26 UPS Livery @FLIGHT2 1929Z
Cargo Ramp C27 UPS Livery @David_ZGGG 1932Z

Boeing 747-8 GATES
Gate Livery Pilot Pushback
Cargo Ramp C29 Cargolux Livery @Ainesh_Kumar 1935Z
Cargo Ramp C30 Cargolux Livery @DanyyRude 1940Z
Cargo Ramp C31 Cargolux Livery @sanketpandia 1945Z
We shall include Wave 2 depending on the number of participants…


  1. Pilots are advised to strictly abide by the UNICOM or ATC rules (if available).

  2. Maintain atleast 15nm distance between two aircraft while taking-off, cruising & landing!

  3. Other information regarding Airport Charts & Route Details will be announced 1 hour prior to Departure Time.

Note that we will be departing out from VHHH in the following order! Starting with Boeing 777, followed by the classic MD-11 & last but not least, with the heavies B747-8 towards the end…

Dubai Virtual Airlines

Welcome to Dubai Virtual Airlines | Connecting Dubai to the World | Previously Fly Emirates Virtual


About Us

To be Infinite Flight’s most professional virtual airline.

Dubai Virtual Airlines strives to inspire our pilots to become the best they can be while providing a realistic and professional flying experience at the same time. We make sure our staff have the utmost professionalism and know how to guide our pilots in the right direction. We make sure that pilots are trained well and to our standards, while also providing an enjoyable experience all around. We create exciting and unique events on a weekly basis internally, with our companions, and externally. Our motivation is to always be better today than we were yesterday.

Why Us

The purpose of this virtual airline is to live out the passion of flying in a professional environment as much as possible. The VA is there to help each other if there are any questions, to improve more and more and to take professionalism to a new level. Furthermore, we value quality over quantity to enable one of the best communities in Infinite Flight. We attach great importance to friendliness and despite the professionalism we want to give our members a fun time, because we combine fun with professionalism. We have one of the largest long-haul flight networks, which makes it possible to explore almost every corner of the world. You can also be sure that if you decide to join our VA, you will be cared as best we can and that you will never get bored thanks to regular events. We want to provide the best possible Infinite Flight experience.

Cargolux Virtual

Cargolux Virtual | You name it, we fly it


About Us

Cargolux Virtual may be one of the newest additions to the Infinite Flight community, but that doesn’t stop us from aiming high. Here at Cargolux Virtual, we strive in realism, whether its following real life traffic patterns or just flying routes based off of real life timetables, we have it all.

Why Us

Here at Cargolux Virtual we have everything you could ask for in a Virtual Airline, a Crew Center, a website, a route database, you name it. We offer a state-of-the-art Crew Center where you can find routes, track your earnings, view your rank and much, much more. We use Slack for all our communications as we know many of our pilots will be used to that and will use it for other Virtual Airlines they may be in. We also offer an extensive route database containing over 800 routes (more to come) and serving over 250 different destinations serving 6 continents, we also offer codeshare routes including LuxAir and Nippon Cargo.

UPS Virtual

UPS Virtual || Our Heritage is in the Cargo : Official Thread!


About Us

UPS Virtual offers a professional environment in which pilots can learn, improve on, and master their flying skills. It is built on the concept that pilots in Infinite Flight should be allowed to fly wherever and whenever they please, allowing absolute freedom. You choose your own adventure! Unlike the majority of Infinite Flight’s virtual airlines, pilots who are hired to fly for UPS Virtual are immediately granted permission to fly on any of our established routes using any cargo aircraft; there is no hierarchy of pilot privileges!

Many of our pilots have established careers in the real-world field of aviation, and staff members and pilots alike are continually active on the Infinite Flight Live servers and on Slack, and are always willing to help their fellow pilots and community members. Once you join, you will quickly realize we’re all members of a great big UPS family!

Join Us

Prospective pilots must submit an Initial Application Form via UPS Virtual’s website. The Initial Application will include information such as your name, Infinite Flight Community username, age, and email address. Once a recruiter receives your Initial Application, he/she will contact you and request a screenshot of your online flight statistics to prove that you meet the Grade, XP, Landings, and Flight Time requirements. Once you’ve proven you meet the requirements, you will be given the Pilot Acceptance Exam, which will test you on your knowledge of basic aeronautical factors. Once your score is received, you will be contacted by your recruiter with a notice of acceptance into the airline if you pass, or information on how you can reattempt the test if you fail. After initial contact from a recruiter, pending applications left open for longer than the duration of one month at any point of the application process (initial application, flight statistic submission, or Pilot Acceptance Exam) will be discontinued without further question.

  1. Flight Route: Copy from @MAFiA or @sanketpandia

  2. Other Information

  • Total Fuel (in KG): For B777 = 80,000 kg
    For MD - 11 = 80,000 kg
    For B747 = 110,000 kg

  • Total Cargo (in KG): For B777 = 20,000 kg
    For MD - 11 = 20,000 kg
    For B747 = 10,000 kg

  1. Planned Departure Runway: ILS 07R

  2. *Planned Arrival Runway: ILS 12R
    *(subject to change based on wind pattern)

  3. Cruise Altitude & Speed: FL320 @ 0.84 Mach

  4. Climb Profile
    1,000ft - 10,000ft || VS +2500 / IAS 240 Knots
    10,000ft - FL280 || VS +2200 / IAS 310 Knots
    FL280 - FL420 || VS +2000 / IAS 0.84 Mach

  5. Decent Profile
    Activate ‘VNAV’ 10nm before reaching Top of Decent. However, “request decent via STAR”, if Center is available before you begin your decent!

Thank you, much love & peace ✌️❤️


Can I get a FedEx MD11 on standby please?

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Gate assigned!! 😊Thank you for joining… @Ethan_Lee1

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Open to suggestions, regarding change of date & time for more participants!!

Cargo Ramp C23 FedEx Livery

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Gate assigned!! 😊Thank you for joining… @Kbeemer

Actually can you move it a hour earlier?

C25 please

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You mean 1800Z @Ethan_Lee1??

Gate assigned!! 😊Thank you for joining… @Tate_Wang

Actually I prefer 0500Z from before instead

I understand, but me & my other partner ended up selecting this time!!

That’s ok but I can’t attend this event.

Meet out evert partners!!

It’s ok!! Hope to see you next time…

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Hey can I get the 747-8

Gate assigned!! 😊Thank you for joining… @DanyyRude

Can I get a gate for MD-11? Thanks.

Sure, which livery would you prefer?? @David_ZGGG

Gate assigned!! 😊Thank you for joining… @David_ZGGG