22AUG20 / 1700Z | Nashville flyout @ KBNA

Nashville International Airport is located in Nashville, Tennesee in the United States of America. They have many domestic routes that range throughout the United States. If you are lucky you may get a flight to the Caribbean, Canada, or the United Kingdom. I hope to see you there!

Server: Expert
Time: 1700Z (2020-08-22T17:00:00Z)
Airport: KBNA (Nashville International Airport)
NOTE: Please spawn in 10-15 minutes prior. Airport information and departure procedures will be posted the day of.
Attendees: 7


Terminal A
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
A1 Spirit A320 Fort Lauderdale (KFLL)
A2 Air Canada CRJ-200 Toronto (CYYZ)
A3 United CRJ-200 Newark (KEWR)
A4 United A320 Chicago (KORD)
A5 British Airways B789 London Heathrow (EGLL) @anon79257371
A6 United CRJ-700 Denver (KDEN)
A8 United CRJ-700 Washington D.C. (KIAD)
Terminal B
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
B1 Delta A319 Detriot (KDTW)
B2 Delta CRJ-900 Boston (KBOS)
B3 Delta B739 Atlanta (KATL)
B4 Delta CRJ-200 Raliegh (KRDU)
B5 Delta B738 Cancun (MMUN)
B6 Delta CRJ-200 New York-La Guardia (KLGA)
B7 JetBlue A321 New York-JFK (KJFK)
B8 Westjet B737 Calgary (CYYC)
B9 Allegiant A320 Tulsa (KTUL)
B10B Cape Air C208 Marion (KMWA)
B11 Alaska B739 Seattle (KSEA)
B12 Frontier A321 Las Vegas (KLAS)
Terminal C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
C2 American B738 Dallas/Fort Worth (KDFW)
C3 American CRJ9 New York-La Guardia (KLGA)
C4 American A321 Los Angeles (KLAX)
C5 American B738 Chicago-O’Hare (KORD) @Chicago_Aviator
C6 American CRJ2 Charlotte (KCLT)
C7 American A320 Philadelphia (KPHL)
C8 American CRJ2 Washington-DCA (KDCA)
C9 Southwest B737 St. Louis (KSTL) @United2
C10 American CRJ7 Miami (KMIA)
C11 Southwest B738 New Orleans (KMSY)
C12 Southwest B738 Las Vegas (KLAS) @Udeme_Ekpo
C13 Southwest B737 Chicago-MDW (KMDW) @ORD777flyer
C14 Southwest B738 Orlando (KMCO)
C15 Sun Country B738 Minneapolis/St. Paul (KMSP)
C16 Southwest B737 Houston-HOU (KHOU)
C17 Southwest B737 Buffalo (KAUS) @MJP_27
C18 Southwest B738 Kansas City (KMCI)
C19 Southwest B737 San Diego (KSAN)
C20 Southwest B738 Detriot (KDTW)
C21 Southwest B737 Denver (KDEN)
C22 Southwest B738 Phoenix-PHX (KPHX) @GreenFire
C25 Southwest B737 Omaha (KOMA)
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
Hangar 1
Hangar 2
Hangar 3
Hangar 4
Hangar 5
Hangar 6
Hangar 7
Hangar 8
Hangar 9
Hangar 10
Hangar 11
Hangar 12
Hangar 13
Hangar 14
Hangar 15
Stevens Aviation Hangar
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Cargo 1 DHL B752 Memphis (KMEM)
Cargo 2 DHL B752 Miami (KMIA)
Cargo 3 DHL B752 Cincinatti (KCVG)
FedEx 1 FedEx B772F Newark (KEWR)
FedEx 2 FedEx MD-11 Memphis (KMEM)
FedEx 3 FedEx MD-11 Idianapolis (KIND)
FedEx 4 FedEx B752 Greensboro (KGSO)

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What NHL team is home to Nashville and currently has 0 Stanley Cup rings?

  • Predators
  • Bruins
  • Panthers
  • Avalanche

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If you have any additional questions let me know via PM. I hope to see you there!


I will take this gate please thank you

Great Thread! Very good structured :) More information about the airport would be great.

@Udeme_Ekpo I will out you down.

@Jan_W thanks for the feedback. I will update with more info once I get back to my laptop.

I’ll take the Southwest 737-700 up to MDW please. I play hockey and sorry I’m from Chicago the predators and us are rivals. Great event by the way

Can you add a Southwest Gate to Buffalo please?


P.S. Go Sabres

oh my gosh yes another BNA flyout

Can I have this gate please?

Thanks for the cold reminder… at least we’ve made the playoffs in the last few seasons

Huzzah! My favorite airport! I’ll take Southwest to Phoenix!

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New Signups!

@ORD777flyer @GreenFire

@MJP_27 I will add it! We got O"Riley too (Autocorrects last name)
@anon79257371 You got it! Get back to me once you raise a Stanley cup banner. Go Blues!


True you guys do have O’Reily

Thanks for the gate

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I will take the American 737 to KORD please

Also go Hawks! Another Chicagoan but I do have to admit Bridgestone arena is really nice and the preds are a good team.

Gross! I’ll put you down.

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To all you Nashville fans. No hard feelings. Up here in STL we hate yall.

Let’s get some more signups!

Could you change a Southwest gate to MDW please?


Sure thing!

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Thank you very much!

@United2. Sry tagged wrong person lol.

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Hello, this is @Udeme_Ekpo, I have a time problem and I would like to cancel this event. So can you please remove me from this gate please thank you