22APR23 | Kingston Flyout | 1800Z | @MKJP

Is Sun Country to MSP an option here?

Can I have tui 787-9 to Manchester

No, I’m afraid not.

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Please check the gate assignments.

@Ben_Walsh @Mort, at events, check the gate assignments before asking for random routes. If listed, then choose from those.

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Well I was going to fly to England but that gate got taken

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Would you still like a gate?

Could I get this gate but for spirit a320 to FLL?

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Yeah, sure.

Thanks for signing up!

Hello. Can I get this Gate pls.

Gate 8: American | 737-800 | Miami:

Thank youu

This please

You all are signed up!

One more gate, let’s see who gets it 👀

Bumping this

Event bump, one more gate!

I’ll take it

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You’ve been signed up!

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Bumping this event!

Event bump!!