22APR22 / 2200Z - The North Florida Rush Hour @KJAX [6 Gates Remaining]

Hello everyone and welcome to The North Florida Rush Hour event! We take it to Jacksonville, FL a popular city in northeastern Florida. Although KJAX is not 3D, it should still be fun as it is not used very often by pilots in Infinite Flight. I hope to see everyone there!

Airport: Jacksonville International Airport, Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Server: Expert
Date and Time: 2022-04-22T22:00:00Z

About Jacksonville International Airport-

Picture of KJAX-

Gates Destination Aircraft Livery Pilots
A01 KATL 757-200 Delta @Huckabee9325
A02 KEWR A320 (E175) United
A03 KIAH A320 (E145) United @Edited_Arrow
A04 KBOS A220 jetBlue @zhuTwentySix
A05 KJFK E190 jetBlue @Avaitor1
A06 KIAD A320 (E170) United @Metro_Aviation
A07 KBOS E170 Delta @travelingcornstalk
A08 KFLL E190 jetBlue
A09 KATL 757-200 Delta @Pilot_InfiniteFlight
A10 KATL A321 Delta @itscay519
C01 KBWI 737-700 Southwest @ORD777flyer
C02 KATL 737-700 Southwest @Kaylon
C02 KMDW 737-800 Southwest @A10f4ang
C04 KATL 737-800 Southwest @Tucker_Ryan
C05 KAUS A320 (E175) American @nativetoalaska
C06 KCLT A320 American @atobey1
C07 KCLT A320 American @Bandy
C08 KDFW 737-800 American @RyMan
C09 KPHL CRJ-900 American
C10 KMIA A320 (E175) American

Please either quote the message and reply to this, or PM me which flight you want to take. I’ll then invite you to a private message here on the IFC, with all of the other pilots in this event. I’ll send you a link to my discord server so you can be one of the first to know about a new event by me, and also we can communicate during the event on it. You could also communicate on the private message as well.

KJAX Ground: @JSRibs28
KJAX Tower: @JSRibs28
KJAX Departure:
Atlanta Center:
Jacksonville Center:

I am NOT responsible for any violations you may recieve during this event. Please follow ALL ATC instructions, and if ATC is not active, please use UNICOM wisely. Please maintain 5NM spacing between each takeoff. Please be patient as we are expecting it to be very busy. Please be patient with ATC and with other pilots, as a lot of planes will be departing at one time.

I would like to thank @Ethan_Brown and @FlyIf_0011IFPA for helping with the gates and banners!

If any virtual airlines want to sponsor this event, please let me know!


It’s not listed, but can I get a DL flight to KBOS?

Can I get JetBlue to JFK on 190

Oh this is amazing, finally a JAX flyout!! Can I take a Southwest 737-800 to ATL, not on the sheet but C4 would be great. Also im about to PM you with a suggestion.

@Tucker_Ryan @travelingcornstalk @Avaitor1 U guys r all signed up and should receive a PM shortly!


I’ll take C06 to KCLT

I’ll take this one, if you don’t mind.

Got the PM thanks

This one please!

@atobey1 @nativetoalaska @RyMan u guys r all signed up and should receive a PM

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Let’s fill the gates!

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Ill take A01. Delta 3406

@Huckabee9325 ur all signed up! u should get a pm shortly!

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Let’s fill the gates!

Can I get the A220 flight from KBOS?@Pilot_InfiniteFlight

I will take this one

Hey I’m just gonna fly my Skyhawk over here and plane spot from above

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@A10f4ang @zhuTwentySix U guys r all signed up and should receive a PM shortly.
@Ethan_Brown Ok just try not to get violated as we will have ATC

Can you just warn the ATC that I will be flying turns around the airport at 1500 FT

@Ethan_Brown sure thing!
@JSRibs28 a plane will be flying around the airport at 1500 feet just an fyi