22APR22 / 0030Z | DLVA/FedExVA Flight Night Vol. 3 - Throwback Thursday - ZSPD -> VHHX

Flight Night (1)

DLVA/FedExVA Flight Night Vol. 3 // Throwback Thursday

Vol. 3: Shanghai, China [ZSPD] โ†’ Kai Tak [VHHX]

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Copy of The History of Delta Virtual

Welcome to the third edition of DLVA/FedExVA Flight Night! After nearly 50 pilots attended Vol. 1 and 2 each a few weeks back, we hope to surpass the attendance for Vol. 3 as we depart Shanghai, China for the infamous checkerboard approach at Kai Tak! Delta Virtual has hosted Tuesday and Thursday night events for nearly 3 years straight, while FedExVA has provided its community a great resource of weekly events and event series!

Event Date:
April 21, 2022 (For US Pilots)

Event Time:

How to sign up?

Sign up with the following easy template to reserve your gate!

Please provide:

Aircraft are limited to โ€œthrowbackโ€ aircraft, meaning aircraft no longer available for the real-world airline. See below list for guidance!

Available Aircraft To Choose


  • B742, B744
  • MD11
  • DC10

Any Sky Team Livery


  • DC10F

FedEx Cargo Livery

Delta Virtual and FedExVA have stood with the Ukrainian people and will not allow any Aeroflot or Russian Cargo aircraft to be flown during the event

If you are a member of Delta Virtual, and a Board Member, Diamond, Platinum Event Rewards Member, please post that here to reserve your priority pushback time.

Flight Plan

Cruise: FL341 (yes, that is a 341)
Speed: M0.84
Cargo aircraft will copy FPL from FedEx 004VA, while passenger aircraft will copy from Delta 425VA


  • Follow all ATC instructions
  • Follow pushback order listed below
  • Flight plan info
  • VS 2500fpm
  • Maintain 240 kts until above 10,000
  • Increase to 316kts once you have ~12nm separation with aircraft ahead


  • VNAV!
  • Follow all ATC instructions if present!
  • Maintain speed until 11,000, slow to 240
  • At CC: Max 180kts
  • By SC: Configured to land
  • Turn final as you approach the checkerboard!
  • Try not to crash!


Gate Assignment and Pushback Order

All pilots MUST follow the assigned pushback order that are taking part in the event. Pushback order is listed from the top down.

DLVA / Pax Aircraft Gates

Departure runway provided closer to pushback

Gate Assignment and Pushback Order
Please wait for the aircraft above you to complete their push and start taxi before requesting pushback, unless instructed by ATC
|Push Order|Gate # | Username | Callsign|Aircraft|
|1|Apron 1 T1 Gate 6| @MDoor |Delta 425VA|B744|
|2|Apron 1 T1 Gate 7| @mwe2187 |Delta 40VA|B744|
|3|Apron 1 T1 Gate 8| @Kyle.r24 |Delta 653VA|DC10|
|4|Apron 1 T1 Gate 9| @Gavin_I |Delta 150VA|B744|
|5|Apron 1 T1 Gate 10| @Aceorbit |Delta 452VA|DC10|
|6|Apron 1 T1 Gate 11| @Doonies | Delta 492VA|MD11|
|7|Apron 1 T1 Gate 12| @SirMarkieMark |Delta 868VA|MD11|
|8|Apron 1 T1 Gate 13| @Goldie_RyRy |Delta 115VA|MD11|
|9|Apron 1 T1 Gate 14| @flyinggoosey |Delta 631VA|DC10|
|10|Apron 1 T1 Gate 15| @MJP_27 |Delta 227VA|MD11|
|11|Apron 1 T1 Gate 16| @kylen15 |DLVA427|MD11|
|12|Apron 1 T1 Gate 17| @Deltadev13 |Delta 13VA|MD11|
|13|Apron 1 T1 Gate 18| @Avaitor1 |N630RM|MD11|
|14|Apron 1 T1 Gate 19| Available |Callsign|Aircraft|
|15|Apron 1 T1 Gate 20| Available |Callsign|Aircraft|

More gates available as necessary

FedExVA / Cargo Gates

Departure runway provided closer to pushback

|Push Order|Gate # | Username | Callsign|Aircraft|
|1|Apron 3 Cargo 315| @NathanPreuss |FedEx 004VA|DC10F|
|2|Apron 3 Cargo 316| @Jason_M |FedEx 001VA|DC10F|
|3|Apron 3 Cargo 317 |@Anthony_B |FedEx 008VA|DC10F|
|4|Apron 3 Cargo 318| @sammy0909 |FedEx 305VA|DC10F|
|5|Apron 3 Cargo 319| @Sidewinder74 |FedEx 009VA|DC10F|
|6|Apron 3 Cargo 320| @Delta21 |FedEx 021VA|DC10F|
|7|Apron 3 Cargo 321| @co-pilot-goosey |FedEx 630VA|DC10F|
|8|Apron 3 Cargo 322| @alikalbk |FedEx 055VA|DC10F|
|9|Apron 3 Cargo 323| @CaptainWally |FedEx 527VA|DC10F|
|10|Apron 3 Cargo 324| @zhuTwentySix |FedEx 838VA|DC10F|
|11|Apron 3 Cargo 325| @Bandy |FedEx 81KL|DC10F|
|12|Apron 3 Cargo 326| @jovictasor |FedEx 17VA|DC10F|
|13|Apron 3 Cargo 327| @Abhijit_Sharma |FedEx 328|DC10F|
|14|Apron 3 Cargo 328| @IFNI_Melody_Marks |FedEx 731VA|DC10F|
|15|Apron 3 Cargo 329| Available |Callsign|Aircraft|


ZSPD Ground/Tower: @mike116119
Departure: Available

VHHX Ground/Tower: @mike116119
Approach: @Marina

Copy of The History of Delta Virtual

I am not a member of Delta Virtual or FedEx Virtual, can I still attend
Absolutely! This is an event for all of the IFC to come join in on the fun and see what it is like flying in an event with two great VAโ€™s

I would like to join, but fly with my own livery choice, is that ok?
That is fine! Weโ€™d love to see the Delta and FedEx colors flying tomorrow, but if you have a favorite livery or wait to take part while flying for another VA, weโ€™ll have you tag along as well! Make sure to check out the approved list of aircraft as this is a heavy-only event with a few restrictions

Can I get in a fighter jet and escort you?
We ask that fighter jets remain a safe distance away from aircraft and that all separation standards are kept.

Why do I have to follow a pushback order?
We are using event operations from Delta Virtual, it is a standard practice in DLVA to follow a pushback order to begin the event in an effort to help expedite our departure out of a location


Fedex008VA - DC10F gate 3

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My callsign is FDXV305 and can I use the 777F

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FedEx 009VA would like gate 3 cargo, MD11F! thank you!

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@Anthony_B, @sammy0909, @Sidewinder74 confirmed! FYI for fedex it is DC10F for this Throwback Thursday event!


FedEx 021VA-- DC10F


Looking forward to another great event! Always a blast with these two organizations.


cant wait and we should be codeshares with them ๐Ÿ˜Š would be amazing if we were

Dc10 then please

Iโ€™ll take the next available gate for Delta Virtual using the MD-11. Callsign Delta 227VA

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Gotcha down - remember, DC10F

Welcome to the party!


FedEx 630VA // DC10F


Count me in! DLVA427 MD11

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FedEx 055VA- DC10F please๐Ÿ˜


FedEx527VA-MD11 Gate7

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Fedex 838VAโ€”B777F gate 8 @mwe2187

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Can I join even if I am not part of delta VA

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Delta 631VA // DC10

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Md11 gate 10 passanger fedex 81KL

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