[22 Attending] Tampa Bay Flyout @ KTPA - 241900ZFEB19


Is it possible to change Aircraft to Airbus a330, SAS and callsign SCVC011?


Can I have Gate A11 but with the 738?


May I have Gate C34 to KMDW please?


@Dylan_M @ClarenceTheAvgeek you guys are signed up, see you there!
@Jens_Severin I’m sorry but SAS does not fly out of Tampa


Thank you! I’m excited for this event.


Yeah me too, it’s my first event so hopefully it goes well 🤞


I have become part of the SAS va, so i hoped i could change it


With the SAS app you can book flights from Tampa🤔


I know but those flights are with another airline that is with SAS. Like KTPA-ENGM on SAS you could fly KTPA-KEWR on United and then KEWR-ENGM because they are both part of star alliance. If you still want I can put you down for SAS a330


Yes please:)


Ok, see you there!


This is my home airport! Finally someone has put TPA in a flyout. I might be busy at the time of the event, but I will try my best to make it! Can I tell you by next week if I can make it? Thank you :)


Sure thing! I was just in Tampa a little over a month ago and it really is a great airport!


It sure is! I hope you enjoyed your stay in Florida.


Sign up! Many gates left!


I’ll take southwest 737-700 to lax


Ok, C40 for you! Have a nice flight to LA


Event is in two weeks! Sign up now!


I’ll take C39


Ok, have a nice flight to Baltimore!