[22 Attending] Tampa Bay Flyout @ KTPA - 241900ZFEB19


I will take this gate. See you there!


Could I grab this but change the destination to KGRR? Thanks.


Can I please have gate C42 to LAX. There’s no San Diego gate? Great to see my hometown airport have a flyout.


Tampa does not have a non stop flight to KSAN


Yes. On southwest. 1 departing and 1 arriving flight to San Diego. I flew it on Christmas Eve.


My apologies, I never saw it, would you like me to change the destination to KSAN?


@Joseph007, @Luke_Sta you guys are signed up, thanks for coming!


No lax is fine.


Ok, thank you for coming!


I’ll take C33 to KATL, thanks!


@TomJohnson you’re signed up, see you there!


Southwest flight 1786 to Denver


Gate C40 for you!


Can you please open a gate to KPVD? If so, may I take it?


Gate E70 has a Frontier A320 to KPVD, will this work? @Cargo


I’ll put you down for now, just tell me if you want a different airline or aircraft


Southwest Airlines would be great if you could but if not than Frontier would be just fine.


Ok your at gate C41 in a Southwest 737-800, see you there!


Thanks! see ya there!


Many gates left! Sign up if you want a gate!