{22 ATTENDING} [Sponsored by Plane & Pilot AND Southwest Virtual] End Of School Flyout @KBOS 221900ZJUN19


Can I take a JetBlue gate to SJU?


Ok I see
I will go to Midway
Southwest 737-800


I never wanted to go to San Diego. I want to go to San Jose.


@BigBert10 There are no flights to San Jose, CA (KSJC) on any airline from KBOS.


Actually, yes there are.


I’ll take this gate, thanks :)


Since there are no Southwest gates, I will just take one to San Jose with jetBlue.

Callsign will be jetBlue 471!


Wow, my school end on May 30. Come to MN!!! The event is way far then right now. I will say around June if I can go.


Can I get A2 to KPHL?


May I have gate B20?


Hi. Just wondering if I have to depart at 1900z or if departing later(0300z about) would be okay?


I’m just wondering because I might be interested in taking the Japan Air flight from gate E12.


You get out of school in late June? Rip…

I’ll see if I can attend when the time gets closer. I’ll more than likely take an intercontinental route.


Actually I’ll take E08


Ok. Since I don’t know what time this event will take place can I sign up for gate E12 to RJAA? Thx


1:00 Central time USA
Date 6/22/19


Actually 2pm Central time with the time change coming up.


Ok, can I have my gate also?


May I join? Gate E10 British Airways to EGLL


All of your gates have been added.