22.8 update issue on android

there are issues on android, we can’t no more download planes and fly, when we launch the game it stuck at the download of aircraft 0% , and it doesn’t download no more. this issue started since the 22.8 update

I use android too but it took me 30 minutes to load the plane even if i already downloaded the plane

Hello. Have you tried the following:

  • Updating to 22.8.1
  • Deleting and re installing the app
    It should work after these steps

same issues here, and the app crashed… again when I was doing a HKG-JFK sector. This happened twice already, I’ve done longer long-haul flights like this with no issues but ever since this update I can’t even complete an ultra-long haul route

I get so much lag when approaching airports and then it crashes which is something that never used to happen. This update has really decreased the performance on my end.

Thank you for helping me

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Its with lots of people (including me), Im sure the devs are aware and are seeking a solution

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