22.8 Issue downloading aircraft

Ever since I updated the app ive been having problems after I select my plane then select fly, it just stays on the loading screen saying downloading aircraft on 0% for way too long, more than 5 minutes to be exact as shown on the screenshot below

Is there anyone else having the same or similar problem? I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling and restarting my device.
Otherwise everything else is working well and my Internet connection very good

Frequency change approved good day

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Are you on Android or iOS?

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It’s working now


i have the same issue, i’m on android

Make sure you are using the 22.8.1 hotfix. It may be stuck on 0% a bit longer than usual, but the download is going on in the background :)

Im also having this issue, im on android

I just spent 1 hour downloading all the planes

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