22.8.1 on iOS

22.8.1 hotfix was released on Android to sort major issues, but when will it come to iOS as I’m still suffering.

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If you have any issues with the update or other things on IF please make a topic in #support or edit this toppic to the correct category #support

Thank you

Can you explain the specific issues you are currently having on 22.8?

Also, per my knowledge, it doesn’t seem like there are any plans for an iOS 22.8.1 hotfix (the whole point of android releasing coming out first was to fix any issues before releasing for iOS, so a hotfix could be avoided). I can’t confirm though (things change, etc) a staff member hopefully can confirm if there are any plans for a hotfix or not.

Update: Currently, there are no plans for an iOS hotfix

The main purpose of the hotfix on android was to fix the aircraft slow downloading issue on Android, and ios doesnt have that issue.

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Slow downloading is an understatement, i waited like 10min for 1 livery to download

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