22.7 UI Text Cut-offs

Hi, again.

Nothing too significant here, but select iPhones appear to have a minor UI issue with the “Control” and “Replay” text.

Images via iPhone 14 Pro (15,2).

Devices: iPhone 11 Pro (12,2), iPhone 13 Pro (14,2), iPhone 14 Pro (15,2)
OS: iOS 16.0.3
Infinite Flight Version: 22.7 (2127)

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I can reproduce on the iPhone 14 pro max

I cant reproduce most but I can reproduce in the livery section

I am also seeing the “Replay” text being cut off

Edit: I am on an iPhone 11 Pro Max, running iOS 16.0 software (I just haven’t updated to 16.0.3 yet)

When reproducing make sure to mention device information so that there is an idea of what devices are getting this issue

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