22.7 TNCM tower

TNCM tower has not been updated

IOS 16 iPhone 11

Seeing as this is your second topic on the matter, have you updated yet?

are you really on 22.7??

Yes I am on 22.7

Can you check again just to make sure and a screenshot would also be helpful

That’s just the update log. That doesn’t show that you’re actually on the version.

I suggest you try clearing scenery cache and restarting the app if you’re updated as this is a scenery issue

I have and I’m still seeing that issue

The new tower was added after the airport build for this airport was made. It will show in a future update.

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Someone else said they have the updated tower

Most likely a editor, they could see unreleased airports

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Thanks for the report, we’ve found an issue with our airport database that caused this. We’ll address this in a hotfix in the next few days.

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