22.7 Development Question

Add this to the long list of 22.7 speculation/question topics…

Anyways, I have a question about what the following means for the 22.7 update at this moment.

Does this mean that the development for the update is finalized, including bug patches, app optimizations, etc… ? Just a quick question to see if anything else might be added to the changelogs at this time or if the update is in its final form.

Thank you for reading

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I would suspect that it is, as they have shipped it off to Apple. However, this does not mean its guaranteed to release today, or even tomorrow. It wil come When Its ReadyTM, which would be SoonTM

The apple app store reviews the game to make sure it’s safe and reliable, checking for important harm to any user. The update has already been approved by apple, and is now waiting for owners release.

I heard about the update awaiting approval, but I did not jear anything about it already going through Has this been confirmed by IF staff yet, if so can you upload a screenshot to give support?



follow their twitter for more direct status info

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