22.7 changi tower not 3D

Changi tower is not 3D it’s the same as before

iPhone 11 IOS 16


Hmm, that’s odd. That shouldn’t happen tho so maybe you just need to clear scenery cache and restart the app? Also, have you update the game?

question is the person on 22.7 in the first place

Yes I am on 22.7 it updated

yep you are right. No custom made tower here

It’s showing up on me!

São Paulo is also not 3D

put this on the TNCM thread.

I am not seeing that tower

That’s TNCM

I can confirm that this is true

I went to WSSS first to check out the custom Changi tower(in 22.7) but it showed the default

I’ll look into WSSS. Sorry for any inconvenience! :)

Only the main tower should be present.


yeah i’m having the same issues, it’s still the same old tower

The new tower model was added after the last airport build for this update was done.
It will be in a future update.


Thanks for the report, we’ve found an issue with our airport database that caused this. We’ll address this in a hotfix in the next few days.