22.6 Bugs, Crashes

Device: Iphone 11
Operating system: IOS16

ive have constantly been getting screen flickers at random times in my flight or whilst on the game even further sometimes when i am attempting to land or am making my approach my game will crash this is just now only happening during 22.6 and is making the game un enjoyable for me and others it is a major mood recker when ur doing a 2-10 hour flight and ur game crashes on approach/ arrival PLEASE FIX THIS


What graphic settings are you using?

Hi, I had the same problem as you but on an iPhone XR, I recommend clearing the cache. Clearly it can also be a problem in the current iOS version, some users are reporting problems.

@Vapor_hp this has been happening in every Single update and the team is aware of this problem

I would go to your graphics and put everything to low as well Turn off Anti-Aliasing and Frame Rate to 30fps this should help

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I’ve gotten screen flickers every now and then while flying and I’m on a Pixel 3XL

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