22.5 update

Why was the tracking thread just closed?

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A certain time frame is set for how long the thread will stay open, once it reaches that set time, the thread will automatically close.

Is it because the update is coming soon


Of course, there are certain circumstances where the thread will close earlier than expected but we don’t really see that happening.

Sometimes, the thread could be inactive for 3-4 hours and so it would make sense to close it because nobody is commenting on it.

There is a whole load of reasons as to why something closes, but this is just a few.

I’ll bet it comes tomorrow

If the update were to be coming soon, the thread would most likely stay open until the update is released.

The update was only announced just today, and the thread was put together today as well. As more information and WIPS become public, we can start to piece together the update and its major-ness, but for that to happen we have to wait.

I thought the thread has been around since 22.4 came out

It came out today I think

It did Really

Yeah 10hrs ago


It closes all the time due to inactivity and reopens if a new WIP is added


who else is excited for 22.5 i cant wait till it comes out and ive been looking for the release date, 22.4 with 22.5 will be awesome together.

I think lots of people are excited about 22.5!

The developers do not give out release dates so we don’t know when it will come.

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The Infinte Flight Team tries to post a new update once a month. Please be pacient and it will be out when it’s ready. :)

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