22.5 Qantas glitch

Hi! Everything else has loaded, apart from the new Qantas Silveroo livery, is this happening to anyone else?

I’m on an Ipad air 4th generation with iOS 16 Developer beta

It’s working fine from here. When you say didn’t load in, can you please specify? Is it not showing in the aircraft selection menu or does it not show when you spawn on Live/Solo?

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Its not showing any option for “qantas silveroo” in the game

Yeah, I have the same issue

Yes, I believe this was such a minor livery change (given that the older livery never existed), so a decision was likely made to replace it completely.

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Not in the aircraft selection

It’s there, just doesn’t say Silveroo, it says Qantas.


The change I believe is the silver part at the tail

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Enjoy 22.5 everyone! 🎉