22.5 Fan Trailer

Hey Everyone,

I was bored, so I made a fan trailer this afternoon. I know some would say, “I hope you like it” but frankly I don’t care if you like it or not. Now, here are some popular images I have taken and were glimpses in comparison to this trailer:

All of these were taken on in solo with a variety of aircraft

Literally in space, so yeah, space above North America.

Call it whatever you want, but it’s a blue pizza: earth.

Doing Mach 1.6 through mountains in Arizona and Utah I believe.

Anyways, my PMs are open if y’all have any questions, and please don’t ask me if you can use my photos because I am front loading it now you can. I have had many users DM me for the sake of DMing me to ask Just use them, not that hard. :)

For full experience open YouTube and turn it to 2160p (IFC doesn’t have the option)

Youtube messed up the dimensions a bit, so apologies for that.

All feedback is accepted below! Let me know what you think of the trailer. Let me know what you think about 22.5! How you all enjoying it? :)


What amazing outstanding work @AviatorMan just a lovely video


Marvelous! Looks professionally done!
Keep it up!👍🏻


That video you made was freaking amazing!! The shots are smooth, the music is on point!!! Beautiful quality

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Love it !!!

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Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Great Trailer! 😎

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What is your motivation to reverse the boeing 757 in the video

That’s nice trailer

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I’m sorry, what do you mean by “reverse.” Gonna need to elaborate more on that…

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Sorry i mean “Flipped”

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I mean, I just did that as an effect, and it blended with the audio well. Does that answer your question?

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Oh well okay, understood. Thanks

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Video looks sick dude! One thing I would maybe change is turning off Player Names but keep up the good work!

That was intentional, so I could let the community be apart of the trailer. Most of the other clips do not include tags.

Thanks for the affirmations, appreciate it. :)

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Nice! Love the idea

I will probably be putting together another movie in the coming weeks, so if any of you are interested in being featured, or wish to submit possible footage (which will make my job easier) shoot me a PM and I’ll see what I can do. :)

Nice to see people going movies again

Maybe you should get rid of the black parts, fill them with in real time gameplay for example

Hope to see more of this in the future!

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The black parts build suspense. Thanks for the compliment. :)

Your music doesn’t fit the ambiance you want to give your video I believe.

That’s a more representative way of using dark screens to build suspense or escalation in this clip