22.4 Update bugs

Hey guys

Hope everyone’s ok. Not sure if it’s just me but ever since the update (22.4) I’ve noticed that during my session everything works fine (looks fine also) however during reply I’ll see things like cargo door remaining opened, passenger doors also etc. Another strange thing is that my reply file time frame is not accurate. I would have a 2 hour session but my reply file would only say 20 minutes. 🤷‍♂️. Never seen that before but I guess IF will release updates to rectify these problems. Just putting out there the issues I’m having. I’ve seen others having issues too but in due time I guess. Have a good one guys!

Hello, Yes I have noticed that some long flights like 1-2 hours may show like 0:13 but the length of the flight is still in the replay. Hope this will be fixed soon! :)


Right you are! I fixed the replay duration issue the other day, it’ll be coming in a hotfix. I haven’t seen anything about those issues with doors staying opened, would you mind sending the replay file this happened in here through https://sharemyinfiniteflight.com?


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Sure mate. I can do so. Give me a few hours as I am currently in a session 🤗.


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