22.4 Excitement

Yes how don’t you know that 🫢🫢🫢

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Taxiway lights* the blue and green lights on the ground

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True that I forget abt that

Tbh I thought it would be out today but I think it will be a non Monday update but still this week bc Miami is a new 3D airports and it has ATC on Saturday so I think it should be out by then hopefully


Probably tomorrow!


Maybe and hopefully

I think it was scheduled for today then they changed it due to last minute bugs. Now I think it will be tomorrow if all bugs r fixed!

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I was really hoping today 😫 I’m pretty sure this week dying for those taxiway lights 😁😁✈️


Speculations out there 👀

Laura said in the stream that because of COVID it won’t be shipped today. So if it is because of a delay of approval times etc due to COVID maybe it will be shipped tomorrow.
Don’t quote me on that though it’s all guesses.

It will be released once it’s ready for release 😂


Are refuelling trucks coming to 22.4?

Oh the ground service will be only available in these 2 airports ??

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Looking at the ATC Schedule,it seems like update will be out no sooner than next Monday…😢😢
But let’s hope for the best.
The Miami event on Saturday doesn’t mean anything,cause it’s A pre-planned IFATC event,so it’s got nothing to do with the update…


I bet it’s gonna be next week as miami is mentioned next week 😉

But you forgot The German Airports that were also in the first version of the Schedule and were planned in the exact same week as KMIA and the other known Airports. So its likely that one or two will be 3D in next update 🤔

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Let’s hope for the best… 🤞🏼

Yeah we just have to wait and see

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In all airports

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ATC can always change and it doesn’t have to be based on it

Miami is mentioned 2 times… this week and next week… so fingers crossed