22.3 New Update but without the Boeing Field Airport in 3D?


Hello, the newest update of infinite Flight is out now and it’s been over a day now. But for some reason Boeing field Airport is not in 3D buildings i have updated it to 22.3 this might be a bug but i’m not sure?! I wonder if i have read there Social Media wrong or forgot to put it in 3D! If anyone can reply that will be Grateful Thanks!

Hello there!

KBFI has never been announced to come in 22.3 on Infinite Flight’s social media or other official channels. You need not worry, though - the goal is to make every single airport around the world in 3D, so it will come sooner or later.


Boeing Field was never confirmed for 22.3 or any other update

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Thanks for the Message. Damn it i knew i was wrong!🙈🤦🏽

As the correction, the airport shown in the update was the Airbus Factory in Toulouse, France.

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I think what you were thinking was the Toulouse Airbus factory in France.

Unfortunately, it didn’t come out this update. You can go to the blog tab and if you click on the 22.3 blog, you can see all of the 3D airports that came out this update!!

Thanks i’ve already checked the Blog!

Nothing’s been moved. You’re mixing up the manufacturers now :)


Oops sorry🙄😨

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@Aviator25 i guess you got confused with Tolouse Blagnac, no?

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