22.2 dst issue

Hawaii and Most of Arizona are only two states in US that does observe standard time year round Seems like Hawaii has dst?


Hawaii are currently at GMT -10 so if your top picture are from there, it’s accurate.

But, is your bottom picture really from Arizona?


It’s only from Hawaii bottom picture isUTC 9

Where is the top from then?

Sorry but you’re providing very confusing & vague information and need to be clearer. We can’t play any guessing games.

That because it’s in January in march as of today date it moved to UTC 9

They are both from hawaii

So what does Arizona has to do with anything?

I’m just mentioning that Hawaii and Arizona do not observe DST

So the problem here is that Hawaii is showing DST in-app despite it shouldn’t?

Yes that is the issue

Just did a flight from Milan to Singapore. Landed in Singapore with a UTC +7 time zone but it’s supposed to be +8.

I have also noticed that during flight even on US mainland that it does switch from dst to standard

Singapore is a small country oftentimes they mistake with Indonesia time which is a hour behind Singapore

Yea but don’t they use the nearest airport time zone? In this case, WSSS?

It depends on the distance from nearest airport. So if you’re in the air, the time shown may not be 100% accurate.

Is this when situated at WSSS?

When I arrived in WSSS, yes it still showed UTC+7. But I think when you spawn in it’ll be ITC+8

Abt 10 min before arrival it was correct. Then it switched back to +7, and stayed that way even when I landed at WSSS

I think also in the state of Alaska just does not change daytime 1 hour that year the same.

Alaska does have DST and Standard times

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