22.1 Small Jetbridge Bug

I was at Munich with a DC-10, Gate 207x. That might have something to do with it, as at 207X, the plane is parked at an angle. Anyways, the jetbridges sort of got confused, and they started to cross and go through each other as well as through my plane, as shown in the pictures below:

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This is a known issue at some airports. I’ll forward it to the editor. It should be fixed soon.

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All right, thanks!

Why are you parked at an angle like that?

This also happened to me, I believe they are going to have it patched on the next update.

Some gates allow you to park at multiple angles, that’s how I spawned in. For gate 207 at Munich, for example, you can spawn in at 207A, 207B, and 207X. It all depends on aircraft type and stuff.

You can see the dotted line extending from the taxiway, that’s 207X.

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