22.1 Photoshoot

22.1 Photoshoot

Here are some cool shots of the new update. Enjoy!

It’s been a while since I’ve done some plane spotting in the game. Tap on the picture to view them in higher quality. Some images seem to be compressed.

Guess the airport 📌

Who doesn’t love the curvature of these wings 🥵

The amount of progress this game has made over the past years is incredible.
Couldn’t tell if this picture was real or not.

A yellow freighter jet @KSEA

One of my favourite aircraft in this shot at Luanda Airport.This triple seven is on his way to São Paulo 🇧🇷
It’s been exactly a month ago that I visited this airport in real life. I’m in love with the fact that this airport has 3D buildings.

Here’s @Infinite_Qantas breaking his landing gear in Madrid after a fun flight from Paris. This is also where @PlaneGeek met a new girl during the flight. Trust me, they are the perfect couple to taxi around an airport.

@Ecoops123 and @SB110 just chillin at the gate.

The iconic “heart attack” approach. Can’t wait to see this airport packed tomorrow.

Checking out the new airport buildings at Moody Air Force Base.

Thanks for watching!


Yet a better landing than yours

Nice pics


Just perfect shots for real 🔥

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You wish…

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Thanks! appreciate it.

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Amazing shots (and profile picture)!

A freighter in passenger gates, tell me that’s not true

Thanks hahaha

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I’m pretty sure he parked at the apron, not the gate lol.

777F at Kai Tak? realism 100

Old United 777 at TBIT? big brain!

In other news

Great shots! 22.1 is a great update, I look forward to seeing a certain checkerboard soon! And btw, nobody doesn’t like the A350’s wings.


Luckily that wasn’t me 😂
Thanks for your comment!

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So you don’t like her?

Sometimes you just need to cut people off from your life.


Yo, that would be me. I park at the hardstands away from the passenger terminal from time to time so i can have an easier time observing incoming arrivals.


Oh, that’s pretty cool! Is it pretty, seeing all the incoming traffic? Btw welcome to the community @Starlifter!

That your landing was better? Yeah…
Poor poor passengers

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Poor earth, there could only be one person that moved earth’s orbit and it is not me :)

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Which terminal area (gate) is it pls? It’s kinda 🔥

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Happy cakeday @PlaneGeek! (idk if that’s even a thing here lmao)

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