22.1 opinion

Hello! Pilots and aviation lovers. I’m Wurfel, Colombian virtual pilot 🇨🇴.

Through this post I want to give my opinion without offending.
I want to raise my voice on behalf of the Latino community. (South America, Mexico and Central America). And it is that we feel abandoned by the 3D designers of IF. The long-awaited update 22.1 has arrived. Bringing more than 40 3D airports and animated air bridges. Cool!
But when I saw the location of the new 3D hubs on the graph, I was disappointed… Only one airport for my region… (SBPA). To add a total of 10 bases in 3D for a continent as large as South America.

And not to mention the case of Africa and Oceania (North of Australia) and countries like Russia and China.

London already has 3 Airports in 3D, the regions in Europe and the United States full of airports in 3D, and LATAM increasingly forgotten. I would like to kindly ask you to do something for the regions, the simulator is not just North America and Europe.

Finally, I want to emphasize that I am not trying to directly offend the designers and moderators. I just want to make known the disgust that my simulation friend and I have. Without more to say, thanks for reading and I hope my opinion reached the developers and administrators. ✈️❤️


Hello! Thanks for your input and opinion. It’s greatly appreciated, but I have closed this because we will not go down the road of assuming blame for discrimination, abandonment, or any of the other many claims made when one party does not see the exact feature they’re looking for.

Our Airport Editing Team is always hard at work on airports around the world. Not seeing one in any given update does not mean it’s not actively being built. Airport build times are always dependent on the editor’s volunteered time, resources, and our thorough review process. We still do our best to select completed airports that offer a wide variety of flying and exploration. You can read more about how airports are chosen here.

Regarding the perception of a forgotten region, I will counter that with the fact that South and Central America has a very nice amount of 3D airports in-app with more to follow.

We hope you enjoy 22.1 and the many great updates to come this year!