22.1 Military Objects

You know how they added Military Objects at Moody AFB and Shaw AFB? I think they should do it for all Air Bases Not Just in the US

Since the new military objects were only added recently, not all airports / Air Bases might have them yet. As airports are added over time, I’m sure we’ll see more airports / Air Bases around the world with these new military objects.


Thank you!

Also keep in mind that military base layouts are very likely be confidential, so it can be hard to find a clear reference for where to put them.

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yes Especially Area 51

EGVN have them as well 😎


I didn’t Know that! thank you so much!

3D objects will be used worldwide except for special objects such as the Denver tents or LAX X building restaurant thingy.

No need to worry. We’ll make sure objects are being used as much as possibly across the 🌎 🌍 🌏