22.1 jetbridge unable to be detected

Parked at Karachi Jinnah Intl International Gate 26 with an Emirates B777-200LR, when I selected connect jetbridges, the “No jetbridges available nearby” message appeared. Tried taxiing a little forward on the parking late but still no luck. The gate I parked at was able to accommodate the B777-200LR.

Voicing this out, does anyone else have that issue? Only happened once at that particular airport, when I did flights to other airports like WSSS, the jetbridges were able to connect.

While animated jet bridges are soon to be the standard across all airports, not every airport has received animated jet bridges, and unfortunately for you, Karachi is on the list of airports that have yet to receive animated jet bridges.

Detailed in the blog post below, there is a hidden section under the list of new 3D airports that shows all airports with animated jet bridges. Again, as mentioned above, Karachi was not added to the list and therefore does not have animated jet bridges.

Ohhhh I understand now! Thank you so much for the clarification @LordWizrak

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