22.1 Jet bridge & Stand Guidance Help at KCLT

Hey guys! Great update!

Just a quick question, on the 22.1 blog, Charlotte Douglas (KCLT) is listed as one of the airports with animated jet bridges & stand guidance systems which is great, except I don’t see the guidance systems. Also, when I try to connect a jet bridge at clt it says “no jet bridges available near by” 🤔

I would appreciate if someone could let me know what’s going on! Thanks!

PS: I did initially post this as a reply under the 22.1 thread, however I was adviced to post it under support. I do apologize if this doesn’t belong here.

At the airports that are listed, the Stand Guidance System are only added at gates where they are actually installed in the real world. As for jet bridges, all of them should be animated at all the airports that are listed.

If you are having issues with the jet bridges at KCLT, please let us know which gate you are having issues at as well as what plane you’re in, as well as if you are getting an error message or are seeing the button greyed out?

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I have tried several gates at KCLT and the same issue is occurring (using the B738)

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I’ve tried multiple gates from terminal A, D, & E. In terminal E I’ve used the CRJ-900 (which is an aircraft used here IRL). At terminal A I used the A320 (also used IRL), and at terminal D I tried the A321, (again, also used IRL). I made sure the aircraft had parking brakes set and I did not have any engines running but yet it still didn’t work.

Alright, I’ve also been able to reproduce this issue. I’ve since noted it internally, and it’s best we now wait for a fix to come.


Thank you!

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