22.1 graphical issues

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but has anyone realised weird graphical bugs plus a general downgrade in aircraft textures? I’m assuming this is directly related to the entry on the change log where under improved, there’s ‘performance.’ Does the improved performance mean that somehow the graphics had to be nerfed in order for the change to occur? Thoughts please.


Ideally, the improved performance would result in the optimisation of the graphics, such that performance can be improved without the need to reduce the quality of textures. While not much has been elaborated on in terms of the changes to the graphics other than “improved performance”, I would imagine that enough progress has been made to allow for these improvements to come without the loss of quality.

Of course, after seeing the app first hand with the new update, I have noticed that the texture quality has stayed the same, if not improved, alongside the performance without the phone heating up like before. Obviously, as seen in various threads on the IFC so far, this isn’t always the case.

I don’t know what device you’re using, and honestly, I don’t even know what’s happening to cause these performance issues on some devices. It is entirely possible that you were unfortunately affected by these changes, though I would wait for more information to come from the developers before making decisions that may have a large impact on your device and the app.


I’ll be posting some pictures to kinda explain my point. However, I appreciate your response.

There are these lines that go over the plane when using the NORMAL camera.

This happens when looking at a plane from the TOWER camera. There was a similar issue to this but in this one, the transparency is dynamic. It moves across the plane. Best way I could explain.


And finally the taxi lines aren’t continuous. They seem to keep on ‘layering’ as you move forward. Try and zoom in to see.


Thanks for the reports! What device are you using?


one thing I noticed after the update is that my FPS is dropping when I’m arriving for landing and I’m taxiing… my phone is new, it has 12gb of RAM and it was running with everything full… but after this update I’m having to lower the graph a bit.


Samsung Tab S7

I noticed the same issue. Also, the cockpit visual is also transparent when I’m taking off or landing which is quite disruptive. Don’t know if that’s also a problem for anyone else.

We are on the same boat, unfortunately!

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I’ve also notice lights shinning through the aircraft and into the flight deck

This is caused by precision issues when looking at an object that is very far away (the tower cam can zoom very very far :) ).
This is a side effect to an extensive reworking of our rendering pipeline that we did to fix building facades and roof disappearing when getting close to them at certain angles.

Being able to render a scene where some objects can be very far and other very close is a challenging problem, especially on mobile. Our previous method had performance issues and was causing problem for close objects. This new method only has issues at very far distance. Most solutions have tradeoffs.

That being said, while it might still happen in some cases, we might be able to solve this one for most.


If it looks that this line is roughly always 50m away from the camera then I am pretty sure this is caused by our new rendering pipeline (which we are still improving).
The hard part is that this doesn’t happen on all devices (at least not the ones we have in house).
What device are you seeing this on?

As a reminder: please always include at least your device make/model + os version, this is the minimum we need to start investigating.

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This is a separate issue that is tracked here

The lines are still appearing occassionally.

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