22.1 ATC delays and glitches

So I have been flying multiple times in 22.1 but I have noticed that when 22.1 came out the ATC had big sound delays and glitches if somebody know how to fix this please contact me!

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I’m just here to confirm what you’re saying, yeah happens to me too!

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What do you mean it glitches?

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We’ll just now on TS I gave two landing aircraft the exit taxiway, contact ground command and then they both sort of sat there for ages, and after a few minutes contacted ground and requested taxi to parking. However the command history showed that both had actually been tuned into ground and had requested taxi to parking multiple times. But as the controller, they weren’t even showing up on ground and their requests weren’t audible or visible to me at the time. This also happened the day after the update too, also for aircraft switching to tower and requesting take off multiple times (for me, they were still tuned to ground and silent).

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From what it sounds like with my experience in ATC, it is possible that this issue is a server issue (I cannot confirm though). My guess is that this new update contains a lot more information along with many more pilots flying because of the update causing server lag. Personally, though, I am not experiencing the issues as bad as it was mentioned here. After controlling LAX tower at peak time yesterday, this only happened to me once (which is relatively low). Here are a few things that I found have worked to get your frequency back to a bit more normal:

After you lose connection with a bunch of pilots, if you see them as not being on your frequency even though you know they were, just click on their plane icon. That usually jumps them back to your frequency.

If you see a pilot doing random drifts, it is probably server issues so that is nothing to worry about. Just wait a few seconds for their plane to return to their actual position.

If you lose all audio, the only solution for training server atc is to reopen, but that is client side.

If you see a plane turned white and you don’t get notifications for their requests, just swipe their callsign to the right in the flight progress strip and then tap their plane icon. That should return them to a normal state on your frequency.

I’m sure the dev team is working on solutions but for now I hope this helps!

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The sound out of my ipad can make weird sounds now…

Have you tried reinstalling the app?

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yes I have…

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