22.1 at LFPG

So I am asking here if the terminal 2F/1 will soon be equipped with stand guidance posts ?

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hello, i have changed the catagory as this isnt something such as an issue but just a question related to the update

But to answer your question, Terminal 2F does not have Stand Guidance, i am unsure if they have it there IRL. but Stand Guidance will only be at airports and specific gates that have them.

Have a great day and enjoy the update !!


@IFCaptainNore Hello!
If you find a proof of stand guidance at terminal 2F I’d be happy to have a look at it.


ow ok I did not know that, however we need a new feature to overcome this lack, it is pushing us to park ourselves not at the good parking haha.

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It’d be important to understand that airports, terminals, stands that have these in real life will be or attempted to be replicated in IF. I can guarantee you, you will find these at all airports. Only those that have them IRL… so don’t hold your breath for too too long. 🙃


I think what they’re talking about is that IRL if there is no automatic stand guidance then you are waved in by ground crew.

yes we understand this is the point the OP was on about and we are saying that if it has stand guidance then IF will have in due time