22.1 animated jet bridges error at KJfk

Guys the animated jet bridges don’t work at KJfk

I’m unable to view your photo. Make sure it is fully uploaded.

Also, I would recommend putting your topic in the Support Category :)

Yes this is known, JFK was one of the airports that are not able to have moving jetbridges at this time. There is a full list on the blog.


Already did that and now you should be able To see the photo

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JFK does not have moving jet bridges yet, they were not added to this airport on this update.

A UA 737 at JFK… 😩

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Yup! I can see it now. Still as Tucker said above, jetbridges at KJFK are inoperable for the time being.

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Stay tuned for updates to the Jetbridges at KJFK in a future release :)