21W Spitfire Challenge

Me, I overshot the runway but landed anyways.

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Child’s play…

Not until you post your “perfect” landing… ;)

That would be Awesome!

This sounds like a fun competition!

Attempt: Failure. I crashed on landing.

Probably the problem was the big drop on short final, which gave me more speed.

Landed, bounced up…


Bam, pilot suffered broken arms and knees, and major degree burns, but is good otherwise. Will attempt later.


Region and airport?

21W, Seattle.

Managed to get off the ground, then skidded off the runway on landing… Guess I need to get the landing dialed in first, then put it all together

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That plane is a joke! When the tail flys, sometimes it jerks left, other times right… Doesn’t make any sense

How many landings did you get credit for?😂

That aircraft helped win the Battle of Britain!

The airplane is great, but the IF model has problems. I’ve flown a tail dragger before (Aeronca Champ) and it had none of the characteristics of the IF spit.