21W Spitfire Challenge

Hey everyone,

I challenge you to land at 21W on runway 17 with a spitfire. This challenge is pretty easy with no weather. Because of that, I’ve added some added some fierce crosswinds to add to the challenge.


My attempt (yes, it’s pretty terrible):

I specifically challenge the landing king, @Tyler_Shelton, and moderator, @Carson. Good luck, and have fun.


Challenge accepted. Will attempt later tonight.


You haven´t seen me.


I’ve been practicing, but I still have trouble taking off.


Well… Good luck! Hahahaha.

Spawn in-flight with the landing option.
When the Spitfire lifts it´s rear wheel, apply back pressure on the yoke to avoid rolling over. Avoiding drifting to the sides is another story.

Which map is this?

Yeah, I forgot to mention. You can go ahead and select runway 17 at 21W and press the “landing” option. This way you don’t need to take off.

Seattle, WA.

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Planes don’t really spawn in the air! Full pattern for bonus points!


Sure! Good luck trying to take off from such a small runway in strong winds. ;)

21W is Ranger Creek, right?

Such a fun little airport. Love its position in the terrain and the organization of its ramp, runway, etc.

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I agree. The mountains are splendid. I love doing spitfire patterns there on Free Flight. :)

@Henrik_B… Max Sez. Sorry I missed this one today got bizy. Streamed the video via ROKU to the Big Screen, Awesome!
(Wish IF would buy into ROKU… A Streamed Fight to a big screen would make my day.)

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You didn’t miss it, you can try it whenever you’d like.


@Carson… On it now in solo. Quartering wind at 8… Not easy… Around the hump. Bleeds off a lot of energy… … Grate remote valley! Like Seattle particularly the NW coast. First time in this area. Like it better than the Rockie! Regards, Max


Could’ve been better…

I hit too hard and took a hell of a bounce. End of the rollout was floppy. Other than some wing scrapes I made it out alive. LOL

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Not that bad actually… Hahahahaha. ;)

I just tried it, I have troubles taxing without crashing… :(

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Try starting with the “landing” option enabled in Solo. That way you don’t need to taxi or takeoff. :)

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Has anyone else attempted this challenge? ;)