21W (Ranger Creek)

Upon flying at one of my favourite “challenging airfields” I realised that 21W’s runway numbers were too large for the runway.

The numbers are too large on both ends of the runway.

I did some GoogleEarthing of Ranger Creek and I also noticed the runway numbers themselves are incorrect. In IF we have 17/35 whilst the real world possesses the numbers 15/33.

Also note the parking bay next to the words “RANGER CREEK” engraved on the runway isn’t meant to have taxi lines. It’s just meant to be a dirt blob.

I would also like to have the runway words added into IF ( because I know they’re not currently supported ) but that subject is for another time…

Ranger Creek has a lot of potential if it’s developed up to a high standard. As I said at the beginning its one of my favourite airports and many other people will probably share my views.

For Recreation of the bug:

  • Launch Infinite Flight and select 21W in the Seattle region.
  • It doesn’t matter where you spawn in the airport, you will see it at the end of the runway.
  • Ensure your copy of Indinite Flight is up to date.

I don’t think it will be necessary to state my device although if it is, just say so; the reason why is that I would consider it a general sort of bug, which I assume is for every user.

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Look closely at the runway number painting on the satellite image. Looks like the numbers were recently repainted and used to be 17 and 35.

As for the numbers being too large, there is probably some fixed don’t size and auto-generation of the numbers so they didn’t have to manually edit every runway. That’s my guess anyway, don’t know for sure.

We are not allowed to add words, blastpads, etc with taxi lines in airports, so I couldn’t add the name. And as AR_AR said, they are not custom for every runway, this is why they are too big.
It is true that there are no real taxiways, but if there was just a runway, it would not be realistic and people wouldn’t know where to park.

I just fixed the runway numbers (15/33) and “roughened” the taxiways to make them look more deteriorated. :)

Can’t we use dirt taxiways? There’s a texture in WED for that.

It just looks like asphalt as it doesn’t render. The asphalt looks less like dirt.