21OCT20 / 2250Z - Group Flight @ KDEN to KBWI to KMHT

  • Aircraft and Livery:
    737-800 Southwest Heart KDEN-KBWI route
    730-700 Southwest Canyon Blue KBWI-KMHT route

  • Route:
    Leg-1 KDEN-KBWI at FL410
    Leg-2 KBWI-KMHT FL360

  • Time of Departure:
    18:50 (EST) Leg-1 KDEN-KBWI
    21:50 (EST) Leg-2 KBWI-KMHT

  • Server:
    Live Casual

  • Additional Information:
    quick flight expecting strong tailwind for Leg-1 KDEN-KBWI
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I’m there!

Is it 6:50 for the first flight?

I’ll come!

I’ll join!

Anybody coming

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