21OCT20 / 0200Z - Finally beta flight @OMDB-LKPR


Hey everyone as we all know Infinite Flight V20.2 update is being reviewed by Apple so this means in a couple of days or maybe a week the update will be out so this event would be the final beta flight hope you enjoy!

Airports : OMDB-LKPR

Dubai airport

Dubai airport ICAO: OMDB IATA: DXB runways 30L/12R 30R/12L. 30L is used for landings and 12R is used for take off, 30R is used for take off and 12L is used for landings, Dubai airport is the busiest airport in the world and is known for the the home of the biggest operator of the A380 and B777 Emirates more information here!

Prague airport

Prague airport IATA : PRG ICAO : LKPR located in Prague Czech Republic, runways 06/24 and 12/30 more information here!

Aircraft and livery : B77W and B777LR B77F Emirates and Emirates sky cargo

Flight time should be around 4-5 hours flight plan will be available during the event copy from @BritishAirways001

Time : 2020-10-22T01:00:00Z


We will use terminal 3

Aircraft Livery Gate Pilot
B77W Emirates A01
B77W Emirates A02
B777LR Emirates A03
B777LR Emirates A04
B77W Emirates A05
B77W Emirates A06
B777LR Emirates A07
B77W Emirates A08
B777LR Emirates A09 @Aviation2929
B77W Emirates A10 @BritishAirways001
B777LR Emirates D01
B777LR Emirates D02
B777LR Emirates D03
B777LR Emirates D04
B777LR Emirates D05
B77W Emirates D06
B77W Emirates D07
B77W Emirates D08
B777LR Emirates D09
B777LR Emirates D10
B77F Emirates Sky Cargo Cargo Apron E14
B77F Emirates Sky Cargo Cargo Apron E15
B77F Emirates Sky Cargo Cargo Apron E16
B77F Emirates Sky Cargo Cargo Apron E17
B77F Emirates Sky Cargo Cargo Apron E18
B77F Emirates Sky Cargo Cargo Apron E19
B77F Emirates Sky Cargo Cargo Apron E20

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Shouldn’t it be 22OCT20 in the title?

Btw sorry but I can’t join


I’ll take this please. But can I fly in formation with you. I can’t do the full flight I can get above 10000feet then land.

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Sure no problem

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I will cancel the event can a mod close this