21NOV23: Sheridan Wyoming Flyout DEPARTED

Welcome to the historical town of Sheridan Wyoming! Located in the northern region of the U.S’s least populated state! Known for not much to the outside eye, but some curiosity will uncover an amazing History about the native Indians who have called this place home for hundreds of years! Join me in late November to give this quiet little town some traffic!!

Event Info
Airport: Sheridan County Airport KSHR
Server: Expert Server
Time: 2330z, 5:30pm mst
Date: November 21st, 2023


Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
1 United Denver CRJ2
2 United Denver CRJ2 @Avaitor1
Bighorn Airways Apron
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
1 BH Powell Muni C208
2 BH Cody TBM9
3 BH Worland C208
Bighorn Airways Hangars
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
1 BH Thermopolis C208
2 BH Casper TBM9
3 BH Riverton TBM9
4 BH Torrington C208
South Hangars
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
1 Netjets Jackson Hole CL35 @NonStopsAviation
2 Netjets Jackson Hole CL35 @United403
3 Netjets Jackson Hole CL35 @Prestoni
4 Netjets Ogden CL35
5 Netjets Aspen CL35 @Ryan_Carney
6 Netjets Bozeman CL35
7 Netjets Kalispell CL35
8 Netjets Omaha CL35 @Einstein
East Hangars
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
1 FlexJet Flying Cloud CL35 @Mort
2 Spotting @Butter575
3 FlexJet Abbotsford CL35
4 Charcoal Kelowna TBM9 @_TheTexanAvgeek
5 FlexJet Castlegar CL35
6 FlexJet Calgary CL35 @Justin_Betances
7 FlexJet Edmonton CL35
8 FlexJet Saskatoon CL35
9 FlexJet Regina CL35
West Hangars
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
1 VistaJet Boise CL35
2 VistaJet St. George CL35
3 VistaJet Spokane CL35
4 VistaJet Elko CL35 @RagonDragon
5 VistaJet Las Vegas CL35 @Jay003
6 VistaJet Telluride CL35
7 VistaJet Garden City CL35
8 VistaJet Kansas City CL35 @BenjiTheBull
9 United Denver CRJ2 @BulletTrain1805
10 Charcoal NE Wyoming Regional TBM9 @crj
11 Charcoal Big Horn County TBM9
12 Maroon Dubois Muni TBM9
13 Maroon Afton TBM9
14 Navy Blue Alpine TBM9 @PhorzaSky
15 Navy Blue Shoshoni Muni TBM9
16 IF Dark Big Piney/Marbleton TBM9
17 IF Light Cokeville Muni TBM9
18 IF Dark Kemmerer Muni TBM9


Frequency User
Salt Lake Center
Denver Center


  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If you intend to fly in from another airport please time it accordingly
  • We are not responsible any level 1,2 or 3 violations
  • Please use Unicom very respectfully and responsibly
  • Have fun

this pleass


@Ryan_Carney Roger

Can I get this, but to Minneapolis (KFCM- Flying Cloud Municipal)?

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@Mort absolutely

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This but to Fort Collins

@Cole_Woodard coming right up

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How long is the flight to Calgary or Jackson Hole??

Nevermind I can’t do it. Good luck guys.

Go ahead and guess what I want

No guessing if I know

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spot on 😝

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I’ll take this please!

Roger 😝😝😝😝

Give me anything

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This one please! Love that your doing Sheridan it brings back memories.

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@RagonDragon 😊😊😊😊
Your signed up

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Keep filling up Sheridan!!

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There are two United flights can I take the other one. (To KDEN)

@BulletTrain1805 both terminal gates are filled.