21NOV20 / 2300Z Baltimore Fly out @KBWI - KAUS

Hey Everyone Let’s Get KBWI filled up

Aircraft: Southwest 737-700 or 800

Departure Airport: KBWI (Baltimore Washington International Airport) to KAUS (Austin,Texas)
Server: Training Server

Time: 2300Z or Today @6PM EST


  • You should be at the destination airport 10 minutes before the takeoff time.
  • I am not responsible for any violations you receive

Pls Come Join me! You can depart to any Destination! If any of you have a personal Call sign u may use it

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Hey there!

I feel like this would fit better in #live:events, but I think your good for now.

Ok thx @MJP_27 do u want to join after ur event

I would like to get at least 7 people pls!! 🙏🙏

I can’t today, sorry

It’s fine @MJP_27

As per the category rules, no assigning of gates or pilot slots is allowed.

@Thunderbolt is that better?

Pls People come and Join me

No on ok!? 😢😢

This event can be closed! Thank u moderators

I’ll come, if I’m not too late

Wait really

I’m bored, so yeah, I’m in for a flight

I will land back at BWI and meet me at Gate A02

Roger that, on my way

I left to get another livery, im back

On final now and we will be heading out to Austin if that’s good

OP request