21NOV20 / 2100Z - American Virtual's 2 Year Anniversary @ KDFW

November 19th marks the 2 year anniversary for American Virtual, meaning we’ve been conducting operations since November 19th, 2018! Since then, we’ve grown to a roster of over 200 pilots, had 10,000+ flights filed, more than 60,000 hours of flight time, and over 16 million miles flown. Throughout these 2 years, we’ve learned a tremendous amount and we cannot wait to see what our next year brings!

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Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport is American Airlines’ main hub. Serving approximately 70 million passengers annually, DFW ranks 4th among the United States’ busiest airports. Despite this, DFW ranks second among the country’s largest airports by land area, covering a total of approximately 27 square miles.

Date & Time: 2020-11-21T21:00:00Z


This event, as with all American Virtual events, will take place on the Expert Server, meaning violations may be issued and professionalism is expected.

IFATC Coverage

IFATC coverage will be available at Dallas-Fort Worth for this event! Be sure to follow all ATC instruction. American Virtual will not be responsible for any reports issued.

Terminal A
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Flight Time Pilot
A08 Philadelphia KPHL A321 2:25 @FLIGHT2
A09 Roatan MHRO B738 2:45 @NoahM
A10 Buffalo KBUF A320 2:15
A11 San Jose Cabo MMSD B738 2:15 @zion89
A13 Nashville KBNA A320 1:20
A14 Phoenix KPHX A321 2:00
A15 Guadalajara MMGL A320 2:00 @InfiniteFlight_Shots
A16 Las Vegas KLAS A321 2:15
A17 Savannah KSAV A320 1:55
A18 Norfolk KORF B738 2:30 @WheelerAviation, AAVA214
A19 Atlanta KATL A320 1:30
A20 Palm Beach KPBI B738 2:30 @CaptainZac
A21 Philadelphia KPHL A321 2:35 @DeltaFox
A23 Cozumel MMCZ B738 2:15
A24 Amsterdam EHAM B789 8:00 @Gilberto_Felix, AAVA7
A25 San Francisco KSFO A321 3:10
A28 Fresno KFAT B738 2:50
A29 Cancun MMUN A321 2:15
A33 Indianapolis KIND B738 1:35
A34 Seattle KSEA A321 3:40
A35 Portland KPDX B738 3:35
A36 Minneapolis KMSP A320 1:55 @Cole_Papenhausen, AAVA161
A37 Pensacola KPNS A320 1:20
A38 Jackson KJAC A320 2:25
A39 Boston KBOS A320 2:55
Terminal B
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Flight Time Pilot
B01 Bloomington KBMI CRJ9 1:35
B02 Missoula KMSO E175 3:15
B03 Fort Walton Beach KVPS CRJ9 1:25
B04 Des Moines KDSM E175 1:40
B05 Dayton KDAY E175 2:00
B06 Chattanooga KCHA E175 1:40
B07 Cincinnati KCVG E175 1:55
B08 Panama City KECP CRJ9 1:30
B09 Evansville KEVV E175 1:35
B10 Peoria KPIA CRJ2 1:45
B11 Manhattan KMHK E175 1:15
B12 Little Rock KLIT E175 0:55
B13 Houston KHOU CRJ2 0:50
B14 Kansas City KMCI CRJ2 1:20
B15 Tyler Pounds KTYR CRJ2 0:30 @saam
B16 Easterwood KCLL CRJ2 0:35
B17 Abilene KABI CRJ2 0:45
B18 Stillwater KSWO CRJ2 0:55
B19 Aspen KASE CRJ7 1:45 @Victor_Winter, AAVA250
B20 College station KCLL CRJ2 0:40
B21 Del Rio KDRT CRJ2 1:10
B22 Lawton KLAW CRJ2 0:35
B24 McAllen KMFE E175 3:00
B25 Montrose KMTJ CRJ9 1:50
B26 Moline KMLI CRJ9 1:35
B27 Palm Springs KPSP CRJ9 2:40
B28 Tulsa KTUL CRJ7 0:50
B29 Birmingham KBHM CRJ9 1:25
B30 Montgomery KMGM CRJ9 1:30
B31 Sioux Falls KFSD CRJ9 1:40
B32 Memphis KMEM CRJ9 1:00
B34 Chihuahua MMCU CRJ7 1:30
B35 Houston KHOU CRJ9 0:50
B36 Midland KMAF CRJ9 0:55
B37 Asheville KAVL CRJ9 1:50 @TechOps, AAVA600
B38 Louisville KSDF CRJ9 1:40
B40 Gulfport KGPT CRJ9 1:05
B41 Shreveport KSHV CRJ7 0:40
B43 Amarillo KAMA CRJ7 1:15 @Aviation2929
B44 Jackson KJAN CRJ9 1:30 @Maxwell_Stephens, AAVA32
B45 Pilot’s Choice TBD CRJ9 TBD
B46 Pilot’s Choice TBD CRJ2/7/9 TBD
B47 Pilot’s Choice TBD CRJ2/7/9 TBD
B48 Pilot’s Choice TBD CRJ2/7/9 TBD
B49 Pilot’s Choice TBD CRJ2/7/9 TBD
Terminal C
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Flight Time Pilot
C02 Charlotte KCLT A321 1:55 Reserved for BAVA
C04 Miami KMIA A321 2:25 @Cpt.TC
C06 Tampa KTPA B738 2:10 Reserved for BAVA
C07 Saint Louis KSTL B738 1:20 Reserved for BAVA
C08 Minneapolis KMSP A320 1:55 Reserved for BAVA
C10 Reno KRNO B738 3:05 Reserved for QVG
C11 Las Vegas KLAS A321 2:30 Reserved for QVG
C12 Los Angeles KLAX A321 2:45 Reserved for QVG
C14 Nashville KBNA A320 1:25 Reserved for QVG
C15 San Francisco KSFO A321 3:20 Reserved for QVG
C16 New York KLGA B738 3:00 @EpicNYC04, AAVA419
C17 Charlotte KCLT A321 1:55 @Devon_Mo_piedmont114, AAVA577
C19 Washington KDCA A321 2:15 @PilotA320
C21 Jacksonville KJAX B738 2:00 Reserved for ASVA
C24 Milwaukee KMKE B738 1:55 Reserved for ASVA
C26 San Diego KSAN A321 2:40 Reserved for ASVA
C28 Atlanta KATL B738 1:45 Reserved for ASVA
C29 San Jose KSJC B738 3:20 Reserved for ASVA
C30 Myrtle Beach KMYR A320 2:15
C31 Kansas City KMCI A320 1:15
C33 Reno KRNO B738 3:05 @Luke_Sta, AAVA212
C35 Orlando KMCO A321 2:15
C36 Boston KBOS B738 3:10 @AAEagle, AAVA617
C37 Detroit KDTW A320 2:00
C39 Austin KAUS A321 0:35 @KSS
Terminal D
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Flight Time Pilot
D06 Albuquerque KABQ E175 1:30
D09 Santiago SCEL B772 9:00 @PelayoVA
D11A Honolulu PHNL B772 7:40 @karl_iszler, AAVA13
D14 Puerto Vallarta MMPR B738 2:10
D16X Tokyo RJAA B77W 14:20 @Francisco_Rivera, AAVA473
D17 Bogota SKBO A320 5:00 @LenguineD254, AAVA125
D18A Shanghai ZSPD B789 15:10 @Jake_Seitz, AAVA205
D22 Honolulu PHNL B77W 8:10 @ORD777flyer
D23 London EGLL B772 8:30 @Mafiaviation
D25 Madrid LEMD B772 8:30 @RafaelPadilla, AAVA208
D27A Hong Kong VHHH B77W 18:40 @Gergo_Bognar, AAVA722
D29A Tokyo RJAA B772 14:20 @AviatorJack, AAVA102
D30 Atlanta KATL A320 2:10
D31 San Juan TJSJ B738 4:25 @Kevinsoto1502, AAVA232
D33 London EGLL B77W 9:10 @Infinite_Josh
D34 New Orleans KMSY B738 1:10
D36 Sao Paulo SBGR B77W 9:40 @DanG387, AAVA82
D37 Tulsa KTUL A320 0:45
D38 Colorado Springs KCOS A320 1:40
D40 Columbus KCMH B738 2:00

Wave 2 pilots will spawn in 15-20 minutes after the scheduled event time (2115Z)
|Gate|Destination|ICAO|Aircraft|Flight Time|Pilot|
| — | — | — | — | — | — | — | — |
|D09 | Santiago|SCEL|B772|9:00| @Infiniteflight2
|D11A|Honolulu|PHNL|B772|7:40| @dereckyared14, AAVA614
|D16X|Tokyo|RJAA|B77W|14:20| @Carlos_Camacho
|D18A|Seoul|RKSI|B789|14:30| @Czech_pilot_Oliver
|D22|San Juan|TJSJ|MD11|4:10| @Aviation.Anonymous, AAVA384
|D23|Madrid|LEMD|B772|8:30| @MacGyver
|D25|Madrid|LEMD|B772|8:30| @Gritz
|D27A|Hong Kong|VHHH|B77W|18:40| @anon39682098, AAVA779
|D29A|Tokyo|RJAA|B77W|14:20| @Half-Aviation
|D33|Miami|KMIA|B789|3:45| @Chief305, AAVA38||
|D36|Sao Paulo|SBGR|B77W|9:40| @Adrian_K

Terminal E
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Flight Time Pilot
E02 Atlanta KATL B738 1:40
E04 San Salvador MSLP B738 3:30 @Herbert_Villacorta, AAVA526
E05 Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice CRJ2/7/9
E06 Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice A321
E07 Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice CRJ2/7/9
E08 Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice A321*
E09 Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice CRJ2/7/9
E10 Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice CRJ2/7/9
E11 Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice A321*
E12 Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice A321*
E13 Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice A321*
E14 Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice A321*
E15 Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice A321*
E16 San Juan TJSJ B738* 4:30 @Gilberto_Felix, AAVA7
E17 Bismarck KBIS CRJ7 2:30
E18 Flagstaff KFLG CRJ7 2:05 @Kyle7223, AAVA487
E19 Laredo KLRD CRJ2 1:10
E20 Tyler KTYR CRJ2 0:30
E21 South Bend KSBN CRJ7 1:55
E22 Texarkana KTXK CRJ2 0:40
E23 Chicago KORD CRJ2 1:55
E24 Stillwater KSWO CRJ2 0:45
E25 Garden City KGCK CRJ2 1:15
E26 Amarillo KAMA CRJ2 0:55
E27 Monroe KMLU CRJ2 0:45
E28 Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice CRJ2/7/9
E29 Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice CRJ2/7/9
E30 Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice CRJ2/7/9
E31 Brownsville KBRO CRJ2 1:15
E32 Lafayette KLFT CRJ2 1:05
E33 College Station KCLL CRJ2 0:40
E34 Harlingen KHRL CRJ7 1:10
E35 Aspen KASE CRJ7 1:50
E36 Pilot’s Choice Pilot’s Choice A321*
E38 Grand Island KGRI CRJ2 1:40

In order to sign up, please comment below the gate and terminal you’d like to request, along with your AAVA callsign (if applicable).

Pilot Choice Gates:
Please make sure you specify your destination of choice and the aircraft you will be operating. In the pilot’s choice gates, you will see the largest aircraft that can fit at that gate (represented as *), so please make sure you choose appropriately.

“It’s been a wonderful year for American Virtual. Within the last year, we’ve expanded to 200+ active pilots, developed a stunning new website, introduced many new CrewCenter functions, added over 7,000 flight numbers to our database, and a multitude of smaller advancements that overall, have a huge impact on our pilot’s experience. Numerous new partnerships, both codeshares and external partnerships, are currently being worked on and the staff team cannot wait to release these to our pilots. In addition, it’s our duty to cultivate a welcoming environment, which we have done flawlessly. Ranging from conversations about aviation to practically anything, American Virtual is very welcoming and easily cultivates long-lasting friendships. Overall, we’ve had a tremendous year, I know that myself and the rest of the Staff Team cannot wait for the years to come!”

-Collin B, President, American Virtual


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wow! you put a lot of effort into making this!

I will take any gate, surprise me :D


@MAFiA requesting the following gate!! 😊😊


AAVA208, please!


I’ll take this gate! AAVA102


Happy Birthday AAVA! I’m happy to be a pilot for American Virtual out of Miami! Put me in any gate :)


Can I have a gate to Sydney in a qantas a380 please

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@FLIGHT2, we sure did! You’re signed up for KDFW-KPHL on the A321, Gate A08. Have fun!

@Mafiaviation, good to go!

@RafaelPadilla, enjoy Madrid!

@AviatorJack, nice choice, I love Tokyo. Have fun!

@Chief305, I put you down for KDFW-KASE. Good luck with the approach!


Hi I’d like D27A to HongKong! AAVA722



This is an American Airlines only event, therefore, we won’t hosting any other airlines during the event. Would you like KDFW-SBGR on our B77W, instead?

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Can I get a KDFW-ZSPD?? AAVA205


Ohh can I do KDFW-EGLL in a 77W


this one please!


Hey there! Nice event thread!

Anyway you could add a gate to Buffalo KBUF? It’s a real route with the American A319. So, can I use the American A320 for the event?

If you can’t do this. That’s ok. No worries!


Is there a 777-300ER flight to LHR with American?


AAVA419. May I change the aircraft to the 738 please?


@Jake_Seitz, yep. You’ll be departing from gate D18A!

@Infinite_Josh, no problem! Your gate is D33.

@DeltaFox, good to go!

@MJP_27, thank you! Of course, I put you down in gate A10. You’ll have to use the A320 for the event, as the A319 doesn’t have our livery.

@ORD777flyer, yeah! You’re signed up for gate D22.

@EpicNYC04, no problem. You’re good to go!


Ok got it! Thanks so much!


So proud to be a pilot for such a great VA. Everyone has made it special! Any way I can get an MSLP (San Salvador) route with the 738? 🇸🇻 AAVA526


I’ll take C19 to DCA on Airbus A321 AA.