21NOV20 / 2000Z - Puerto Vallarta to Seattle | Alaska 737-924ER @MMPR - KSEA

Hello and welcome to this group flight! Today we will be flying from Puerto Vallarta to Seattle. Please pick an Alaska Boeing 737-900, PLEASE CHOOSE ONLY THE NEW LIVERY. (Not the old or not the More to Love) only the new livery please.

Flight time- 4 hours 30 minutes

Cruising Altitude- 34,000 feet, FL340 (MSL)

Cruising Mack- .80

Pick any gate in the main terminal. That is gate (5,6,7,8,11,12,13 or 14) I WILL BE AT GATE 12, located at the main Terminal.

Fuel- 35,179 (Pounds)

Cargo- 16,385 (Pounds)

Passengers- 148

Flaps for takeoff- 5

Trim for takeoff- 10

VSppeds- 137, 143 and V1 (rotate) 148

I will get a very realistic FPL, so when you spawn in please copy it. So you know who, my cal sign is Alaska 293

Server: *Training (I got a violation yesterday at SBJR)

Airport: *MMPR (Puerto Vallarta/PVR) to KSEA (Seattle/SEA)

Time: *2000ZULU (12PM Western time, 1PM Mountain Standard Time, 2PM Central Time, 3PM Eastern Time


Airplane that we will be flying

The 2016 livery you will fly

Takeoff on RW22

Here are the gates (Includes the small terminal as well as Remote Stands)

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Can I join u

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You sure can! I also have JJ joining me as well as myself! So already 3 people. I’d love to have at least 5 so make sure to join everyone!

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Ok sweet I will take gate 13
And what type of aircraft

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Awesome! Alaska 737-900 (Please only the new livery)

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Ok will do what call sign number should I use

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@nolan_brant12 3:00pm ET is 2000Z.

0800Z is 3am ET

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Thanks so much! I’m really bad with Zulu time

Ok perfect thx

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You can use this for the next time for when you make an event!

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Whoops I mean 203. 293 is mine

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Ok I knew I was going to switch lol

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Thanks so much! Did you have to cancel the event?

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Nope. I didn’t. Were flying right now

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Oh awesome! How many showed up?

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Nice I’m sorry I couldn’t make it @MJP_27


Like 4 people

@SWA1997 don’t worry


@nolan_brant12 I can’t wait to fly

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I’m so sorry to do this but something just came up so I have to cancel

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No problem