21NOV20 / 1900Z - India To The World @VIDP


Hello and thanks for tuning into my event! I hope you enjoy it.

About Delhi Airport

Delhi airport is the biggest airport and the most busy in India! next to Mumbai. Here is some history of this Indian airport. a airport was constructed in 1930, this airport was the biggest in India. and soon this airport was the biggest and most busy airport in India. But then the capacity got very full, and a new airport needed to be built, so they build a new airport that was bigger and better in 1979-1980 when it was open; it could serve 1,800 passengers per hour pretty cool. And the airport is now call Indira Gandhi Airport.

Terminal Information

Okay, this is all the terminal information that you guys will need :D lets begin

Very simple, Terminal 3 handles 100% of all departing traffic that is international, and most of the domestic flights, very simple, it like that. So if you are heading somewhere, spawn there. unless you are in a cargo plane then spawn in the cargo place. But most to all planes are here


Here are the routes. More routes will be added if gates are filled up!

Please note, I am using an website that does real flights, because of COVID some flights may not show up, event though they are a real flight, it may not be flying now

Middle East
Departing Destination Aircraft / livery Pilot
VIDP OTHH Air India A321
VIDP OMDB Emirates B77W
VIDP OKJN Air India A321
VIDP OOMS Indigo A320
Departing Destination Aircraft / livery Pilot
VIDP VABB Indigo A320
VIDP VOHS Air India A321 @Gopisreekanth_Chukka
VIDP VAAH Air India A321
VIDP VECC Air India B77W
VIDP VOBL Air India A321
VIDP VOCI Air india A321
VIDP VOKN Air India A321
Departing Destination Aircraft / livery Pilot
VIDP UUEE Aeroflot A330 @Adrian_K
VIDP EGLL Air India B787
VIDP LFPG Air India B787
VIDP EDDF Air India B787
VIDP EDDM Lufthansa A359 @ran
VIDP LOWW Air India B787 @indraniel
VIDP LIMC Air India B787
VIDP EKCH Air India B787
VIDP ESSA Air India B787
VIDP EGBB Air India B787
North America
Departing Destination Aircraft / livery Pilot
VIDP KSFO Air India B77L @Krsh7
VIDP CYVR Air Canada B787
VIDP KORD Air India B77W @Henry
VIDP CYYZ Air Canada B787
VIDP KIAD Air India B787
VIDP KJFK Air India B77W
VIDP KEWR Air India B77W
South East Asia
Departing Destination Aircraft / livery Pilot
VIDP RKSI Air India B787
VIDP VTBS Air India B787
VIDP VHHH Air India B787

Event Information

The last few times people forgot! Please do not forget

Server: Expert Server
Time: 2020-11-21T20:00:00Z
I recommend spawning in 15-30 mins before this time
Respect ATC if present

Please do not forget!

About Air India Virtual

Air India virtual was discovered back in 2018, made to closely to simulate real and realistic flights. We aim to provide the best Indian hospitality above the skies of India and around the world. In addition. We leverage Air India codeshare partners which further diversify our schedules. Air India virtual attracts and consists of flight simulating enthusiasts and pilots in Infinite Flight simulator

Initially we were a virtual airline with a small number of pilots from India, but today we are a major virtual airline from India that represents Indian culture and colors of India. Air India’s Maharaja is our mascot who is person class apart from others and symbolizes the uniqueness of our virtual airline. Join us here



I hope you all can make it to this event! Any feedback will be nice!


@MAFiA requesting the following gate!! 😊

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I would really like this gate please!

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Can I have this pliz

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You are all signed up! See you there



I’ll take this one! Thanks for making this event!

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Thanks! Your signed up!

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I want some watches so I would go for VIDP-LSZH with B77W…thx

VIDP VOHS Air India A321
I would like to take this route please my call sign is Air India 014VA


Your in! Thanks!

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Your in!

Event is tomorrow guys, last min signup!

I may be able to make it let me see if I can.

Could I do VIDP to LOWW also?

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