21NOV20 / 1800Z - KATL to KBZN

This flight will take place from the B gates in Atlanta and will fly to Bozeman, MT
I will have the flight plan ready by 12:40 EST
Please spawn in by 15-20 minutes before the flight

  • Aircraft and Livery: Delta 737-900ER

  • Route: ATL-BZN

  • Time of Departure: 1:00 EST

  • Server: Training Server

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Hey there!

Unfortunately you can only post a #live:groupflights topic within 3 hours

It’s my first time creating a new topic, so what do I do?

It will probably be closed, but you can repost this 3 hours before it starts!

Ok, thank yall

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I would recommend looking at this topic by Misha. It outlines all the rules you need to know for #live:groupflights!