21NOV20 / 1800Z - Group Flight, Dallas to Honolulu, American 777-300 @ KDFW - PHNL

Summary: American 777-300ER | Start at the D terminal, Preferably D10-D30. Please spawn in 10 minutes before 0700Z. I will be at gate D27 and my call sign will be AAL5. I will make the FPL so please copy it when you spawn in. You may also do the 777-200 on in American. Either the One World livery or regular.

Server: *Training

Airport: *KDFW (Dallas Fort Worth/DFW) to PHNL (Honolulu/HNL)

Time: *0700Z | 1PM Western Time | 2PM Mountain Time | 3PM central time | 4PM Eastern Time

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Hmmm, 7:00Z seems to be a long time from now, definitely more than the 3 hour minimum

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1pm Eastern Time is 10am Pacific, which is 1800Z.

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1 pm eastern = 12 pm Central?

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Is this today?