21NOV20 / 1300Z - From The West To The East! @VABB - VLVT

Hey Everyone! I know that the title might be slightly misleading but this is a flight from the West of India to the east of South-East Asia.

The Route On A Map!

Server: Expert Server

Airport: VABB - Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

Time: 2020-11-21T13:00:00Z2020-11-21T17:15:00Z


Chhatrapati Shivaji (VABB) - Gates will be added if demand increases:

Gates IFC Username Airline & Livery
Gate V04 @aryachopra Air India B77W
Gate V05 @cooper_marcukaitis Air India B77W
Gate V06 @indraniel Air India B77W
Gate V07
Gate V08
Gate V09
Gate V10

Wattay International (VLVT) - Since there are only 7 gates at Vientiane, arrivals will be staggered if demand increases:

Gates IFC Username Airline & Livery
Gate P1 @aryachopra Air India B77W
Gate P2 @cooper_marcukaitis Air India B77W
Gate P3 @Indraniel Air India B77W
Gate P4
Gate P5
Gate P6
Gate P7

To Sign Up, reply in the comments below with your gate desired (optional) aircraft (compulsory) and airline (compulsory).
Ex: Gate V04, Gate P1, Air India, B77W

(On the day of the flight!)

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@InfiniteArya This flight is at 1200 Zulu, correct? I don’t think the time is set correctly under the map. If it’s at 1200 Zulu, I can make it, but if it’s at 0800 Zulu, I can’t.

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Sorry it is 1300 Z! Is that fine?

Sure. 1300 Zulu is 0800 Eastern Time which is good for me :)

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So can you sign up in the format above?

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Gate V05, Gate P2, Air India, B77W, please!

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You are in!

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I will take this:)

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Which aircraft of Air India?

Air India B777-300ER

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You’re in!

The flight starts in 30 minutes. Spawn in at 1250 Z. Copy FPL from me. @indraniel @Cooper_Marcukaitis

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Oh shoot. I forgot about this flight. I’m on a flight IRL in 2 or so hrs. I won’t be able to come :(

Hey! Please inform earlier as people want to join but cant as limited gates in Veintiane.

I mean, it still shows that u have 4 gates open, but Alr. Sorry bout that.

@InfiniteArya details?

36000 ft, mach 0.85!

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