21MAY23: The Mega Kai Tak Flyout DEPARTED

Can I have my aircraft swapped for a md-11 in infinity flight livery as I’ve tested the a430 and it’s not got enough range to make it to london

@Ben_Walsh yes ofc

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Thanks it turns out due to the crazy winds going westbound I’m about 1hour short on fuel no matter what speed or altitude I’m at the a340 in if it really hopeless lol 😂

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Can I take this?

@AviationAlpha absolutely! Amazing choice

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Can I have this?

@777_heavy roger that

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Bumping this real quick 😁

I wish i could come, but sadly im in school (i would be the Pan Am to Narita for obvious reasons). Sorry, i would if i could

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Event Announcement
We have our first sponsor thanks to @Wonderousbuilder641!!
make sure to go check out his incredible event, hosted in the great city of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Event announcement
I have made the decision to change this event to Training Server so more people can attend.

Thanks for understanding

Can I please have this?

@Mort amazing choice!
Enjoy some of my favorite landscapes on the globe 😁

Thanks! How long is the flight?

For me… in the A330 at Mach .82 about 2 hrs depending on winds. For the A320 that travels around.79 probably about 2.5 hrs

@Mort the views are Soo worth the flight time

Thanks you amazing

OK! I’m so excited!

@Mort @Ben_Walsh you both are welcome!

Hong Kong is an independent country, it is not Chinese, just letting ya know so you can fix it.

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