21MAY23: The Mega Kai Tak Flyout DEPARTED

can i switch to a singapore dc-10 to HNL?

I’ll spawn right in here! Thanks for organizing this event :)

@eldrago @DaDoggRoss @Flyin.Hawaiian
Y’all are all set


bump for today!

This but with the 777f please

@Spark-1908 Amazing choice!

Can I have the virgin a340 from london Gatwick please

@Ben_Walsh ofc you can! great choice

Bumping this real quick

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I’ll take this please!!

@MANDELA roger that

I’mma take this

@Ken_wei great choice!!

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29 KLM Amsterdam MD-11
This one please

@XXTHUNDERDOMEXX coming right up!

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switch my gate to here please? same plane and stuff

@Flyin.Hawaiian roger that

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Giving this legendary airport a quick bump 😄

This please and thanks

@Ryan_15 Roger that!