21MAY23: The Mega Kai Tak Flyout DEPARTED

What’s you currently load %

It is 59%.

Huh. I’m at 61% 🥴

Awesome scenery by the way :)

Thank you to everyone who joined to give this retro airport some retro love!!
Safe flights to all!


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This ends at 2:30?

Of course! Unfortunately couldn’t do as much as I wanted but still had fun

thanks for this flyout!

Sorry, I wasn’t able to attend as I wasn’t home so I couldn’t attend

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Hello, These are The pictures that I took Enjoy!




In the Air 1

In the air 2



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This was a 4 hour 45 Minute flight!

im impressed you managed to takeoff and land without hud

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Thanks! (10)

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About an hour out from sfo

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Going to stay up until 2:30 am est lol

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i completely forgot about this im in the middle of a class bruh

You had School on a Sunday??

i have a tutor (i also just completely forgot lol)