21MAY23: The Mega Kai Tak Flyout DEPARTED

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Last chance to spawn in!

@CaptSel004 Are you Cathay 2445 Heavy?

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@LuckyRc @777_heavy It probably seems like overkill, but since yall are gonna heavy and the runway is pretty short, Flaps 35 should be used


The rwy is over 11000 feet so it shouldn’t be a problem… probably

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I found a post with the dc10 takeoff weights and flaps if anyone needs it. MD11/DC10 Take off / Landing profiles? - #7 by David_Beckett

will do! 🫡 :)

@PhorzaSky You can depart ahead of moi

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yes, I am - Cathay 2445 heavy

And im off! About 4 hrs to Tokyo Narita!
@Butter575, @3Ssomy167, and @BenjiTheBull thanks for ATC


Definitely I will be in Tokyo before you

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Sorry im late can I still join?


@Alaska_Airlines09 Yes absolutely

Ok thanks!

@United403 , I’m On my way!

Qantas 74-4 as N736SD.

@United403 how fast you going at cruise?

Mach .85 rn

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@Alaska_Airlines09 why is the username on your flight different then your actual IFC account?

I’m at 0.79 I can’t go more faster than that.